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Veronika J

"Veronika loves writing, traveling, watching reality TV, and buying way too many fantasy books."

Nerissa C

“Neri loves reading and listening to songs without remembering its title.”

Maric C

“Maric is a professional napper. She loves to chase sunsets while she HAHA then HUHU her way thru life.”

Anouare A

“Anouare is a multi-passionate media executive who is obsessed with personal development and enjoys having deep convos over good food and wine, preferably in a new destination.”

Anna F

“Anna loves reading, spending time with friends and family, and cooking and eating all things Italian!”

Sam D

“Sammy loves puppies & playing guitar!”

Teresa F

“Give Teresa some Taylor Swift and she’s happy!”

Max F

“Max loves coffee, crystals, Kacey Musgraves, and positivity!”

Tia F

“Tia knows fashion and scripted TV like the back of her hand, she has the voice of an angel and the eye for design like Picasso!”

We also have a dedicated team of 4 producers, 15 writers, 9 actors, 7 voiceover artists, 20 video editors, and 19 coffee machines who keep us going 🙂

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